Feb. 9th, 2007

The other day I was trying to think about what would make an interesting ATC, and I thought, 'hey! wouldn't it be fun to incorporate knitting somehow?' So that's exactly what I did. For this first attempt, I basically took a cardboard base measuring 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 in. and then knitted it a cosy. I chose a sort of lacy design based on a stitch pattern out of Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns. The yarn I used is a light oatmealy color, and it was difficult to see the open work against the light colored cardboard base, so I took a dark blue watercolored sheet of cardstock and glued it to the front of the cardboard base. That made it look a lot better. The execution of this took quite some time. This was in no small part due to the fact that I decided to use up some left over yarn scraps. I guess I thought those pieces were a lot longer than they were, because I ran out of yarn about 5 different times. Talk about having a lot of ends to weave in! And it such a tiny space too! It is all knit in one long piece. I first knit the front, then did a purl row to make a fold/seam line. Then I started th eback. I knit for a while, then cast off the middle 10 sts, knit one side, knit the other side, cast back on 10 middle sts. and finished it off. I seamed the two side seams first with the seams on the inside. Then I slipped in the cardboard and seamed up the bottom, which, of course, resulted in the seam being on the outside. So, enough talk! Here are the results:
Fancy Shell

The colors in these images are a little dark. The yarn is, I think, I little whiter IRL. For future attempts, I think that if I use this cosy method, I would try to make it fit tighter, cause this one's a little loose. I would also not let there be any lacy designs in the corners, as this card sort of allows the cardboard base corner to poke throught occasionally. While I don't particularly love the way this turned out, I think there's some good potential for incorporating knitting in my ATCs. I think I might like to try and figure out a way to make a knitted card without a backing, perhaps by making a sort of wire or wooden frame that the knit fabric could then be stretched across.



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