This is my first post using pictures. It looks like it's working, but I think it'll take some more practice before I get it to do exactly what I want.

These are some pics I took of my Convertible. I've been working on it for what seems like forever!

I am knitting it with Canapone 100% hemp yarn from on US size 4 needles. Modifications I made included doing 1 less lace repeat per row and, because I used thinner yarn, I did many more lace repeats down the length. With this project, I was worried at first that I would be impatient with the small yarn and needles, but I actually loved it!

It is my first big lace project, and everyone recommended using lifelines and stitchmarkers like crazy. So that's what I did. In one of the long shot pictures, you can see some blue lines at the beginning end that are actually my lifelines. I don't know why this was, but the more often I used lifelines/stitchmarkers, the more likely I was to make mistakes and have to rip back. I actually got so frustrated at one point that I nearly ripped the whole thing out!

But then I stopped using lifelines and stitchmarkers all together, and it became surprisingly fast and easy! I only had to tink a little bit every now and again. Weird, I know.

These pics are a bit old, so as of now, I have actually finished the knitting part and have bound off. I still haven't blocked it yet, mostly because I've never done any blocking and I am a little nervous to try. I also don't have any buttons picked out. I did see some at Joann's a while back that I liked, but they were so expensive! Getting as many of those as I needed would have really put the cost of this garment too high for my liking. Maybe I'll just block and wear it as a normal wrap/scarf until I can find some buttons that I both like and are economical.

The last 2 pics show the tiny little stitchmarkers I got in the 2006 September Birthday Swap on I love them so much that I just had to show them off! They were made for me by user cornflakegirly, and she did a great job. They're just what I wanted, the craftsmanship is amazing, and they're pink to boot!



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